Aug 25

Twisted Cinema – American Beauty

American Beauty

American Beauty

Hello everyone

Here is movie number 39 and this week I have recreated the poster for American Beauty, This is a 1999 romance drama starring Kevin Spacey. I went to see American Beauty at the cinema, I seem to remember enjoying it however I have never had the urge to watch it again so I actually have no memory of it at all apart from two small bits, one involving a woman laying on a bed of rose petals and the other I will not mention because it is the ending and I dont want to give any spoilers.

This photo is made up in 3 parts, the background is a 5 inch round balloon, the rose comes next and is made from 160 balloons, finally the hand on top is also made from 160 balloons.

I must share the details of an event taking place in the UK, it is the David Grist Memorial Lecture featuring Victor Forja and Michael Abrahamson, this will be held as a two day event on the 15/16th Sept in Leeds. The Tuesday will run from 10am till 6pm and Wed will run from 10am till 5pm, if you would like to book then all the details can be found here –

Do you enjoy seeing my Twisted Cinema balloons? I often spend several hours a week working on the new designs and am constantly working on new ideas, although I am a full time balloon twister and magician I don’t actually receive any money for my Twisted Cinema balloons. Did you know there are ways you can show your appreciation? On the homepage of www.mydailyballoon.com there is a ‘Buy me a coffee’ button on the right hand side, click this and it will take you through to a page where you can send me $2 (about £1.25) via paypal, any money a receive this way will not actually go to buy me a coffee, it does however go straight into my balloon fund so I can continue working on my Twisted Cinema balloons for as long as I can.

Hope you are all having a great week.


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Have a good week everyone

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