Sep 20

Twisted Cinema – Thelma and Louise

44--ThelmaAndLouiseSMHello everyone.

It is week number 44 and its another first for me, this week was the first time I made one of my cinema sculptures in the company of other people, it’s also the first time I have had help from other twisters to get it looking right, but more about that after I tell you about the film which this week is the 1991 movie Thelma and Louise. This movie directed by Ridley Scott tells the story of two women and their adventure filled journey halfway across the USA. The scene I decided to replicate was the memorable final scene from the movie which involves a 1966 Ford Thunderbird and the Grand Canyon.

Last week I attended a balloon event up in Leeds and I hadn’t planned to make this sculpture while there but to cut a long short I ended up having no choice but to create a scene while I was at the event. On the Tuesday I started to build the car and along the way I got a few ideas and pointers from various people including from one of the lecturers Michael Abrahamson. The Rock scene was a bit of a last minute idea that I literally threw together (while getting lots of odd looks from the other balloon twisters wondering what on earth I was making). That evening we all headed to the local pub/restaurant where I had to edit the photograph and here I got more help from Michael and some more from Amanda. Both Michael and Amanda were extremely helpful so many thanks to them for their input into this design.

My Car is made from a mixture of balloons but mainlyRobThelmaLouise02 160s with some 350s for the wheels and some 250s for the girls heads. There was quite a lot of detail put into the car which you can’t see on the final photo so here is another pic of me with the the car.

My Twisted Cinema project has been appearing in a fair few blogs and news sites around the globe recently so hello to any new readers out there, here are a selection of the places I have seen my project appear.

Yahoo Movie News


Digital Spy


See you all soon

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