Nov 08

Twisted Cinema – The Smurfs

51-SmurfsSMHello everyone, it is Week 51 and this week I am off to Belgium for the Millennium Jam this week so I thought I would do a Belgium related movie and I could think of 2 obvious ones, either Tintin or the Smurfs so I went for the Smurfs. The Smurfs have had 2 movies so far and a third movie is coming soon, The first Smurfs film in 2011 told the story of how the Smurfs discover a new magical world called New York city.

I have been a bit short of time this week so I did this photo in a bit of a rush, as a result I am not overly happy with it but I am pleased I have got to week 51, I now need to start thinking about my 52nd week, hmmm, what can I do?

I made 2 Smurfs for this photo, a normal smurf and then Papa smurf (the red one). they are pretty basic designs but I think they look cute.

Hope you all have a great week everyone


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