Oct 27

Twisted Cinema – Nosferatu

49-NosferatuSMHello everyone, I do hope you are all well. It is coming up for my favourite day of the whole year, it is a day I like more than my birthday and I even like it about a thousand times more than Christmas, yes its Halloween, the best celebration of the entire year (mainly because it is my Mums birthday and we like to celebrate with lots of decorations and fun. I thought it would be good to do a scary film this week, I went through lots of choices but I ended up going back in time to 1922 and the German Expressionist horror Nosferatu.

I studied this movie when I was at University, The film has a bit of a checkered past as it is based on Bram Stokers Dracula, the names were changed (obviously to protect the innocent) but the Bram Stoker estate decided to sue the film company and a judge eventually ordered that all copies of the film should be destroyed, A few copies of the film survived and it is now regarded and one of the greatest horror films of all time. I decided to give a little nod to the films checkered past, if you look closely you will see I am reading a copy of Dracula.

My Nosferatu is made from many different shapes and sizes of balloon, I started with his head and the whole head design is based on Michael Abrahamson’s head design that he taught at the recent Leeds Care and Share days. I started with an 11″ blush round balloon and then built it up using 260s and 160s for the features. The hands came next and those are made from 160s, finally the body and arms are made from 350s.

In less that 2 weeks time I will be attending one of the best balloon events in the world, it is called the Millenium Jam and it takes place in Belgium, I am really excited about going as I get to see some really amazing twisters and meet up with lots of old friends (and hopefully make lots of new ones). Are you going to the Millennium Jam? send me a message if you are and I will look out for you at the event.

I do hope you have a good week and a very thrilling Halloween, see you all soon.



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