Oct 21

Twisted Cinema – Back to the Future

48-BTTFGREAT SCOTT!!!  It is October the 21st 2015 and today I think there is only 1 series of films I could choose to replicate, for it is on this very date that Marty McFly and Doc Brown arrive from 1985 in their Delorean Time machine ready to set things straight for Marty’s family. No I know many of you will be thinking that I have done the wrong film, I SHOULD be doing Back to the Future 2 however as I have not done any of the 3 films yet and I like to do things in order I decided to do number 1 and besides BTTF 2 wouldn’t exist if it was not for BBTF 1.

This set of films is by far my all time favourite series of films, I think its better than any other film in the history of films, yes even better than Star Wars, even better than Gone with the Wind or Casablanca and oh yes its even better than the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Now I DID cheat a little bit with this photo, back in November 2009 I made a photograph of myself as Marty McFly, I decided to save time and use the exact same background but instead of me in the scene I put in the balloon Marty McFly. It is still all my own work however a lot of it is 6 years old. the balloon I made at the City of London balloon jam yesterday which was an excellent event (as always).

“Go fourth time travelers, and remember the future is what you make it!” – Dr Emmett L. Brown


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