Feb 09

Twisted Cinema – A Trip to the Moon

12-A-Trip-to-the-MoonSMHello Everyone

It is week 12 of my Twisted Cinema series of balloon sculptures and this week I have gone back in time to the year 1902. A Trip to the Moon (or Le voyage dans la lune) was created by French film maker and magician Georges Méliès and it is probably one of his best known works, The silent film stars Georges Méliès and tells the story about a group of astronomers who take a trip to the moon and encounter all kinds of things including snow, giant mushrooms and alien life. The film is only around 15 minutes long but it is considered one of the most important films in history, Georges Méliès and his film making appear in the 2011 film Hugo.

To make this sculpture I started by building a base to attach everything to, this was a basket weave of 260 balloons giving me a large flat circular cart wheel type object, the next thing to do was to fill the gaps. The face was then attached on to the circle with the nose first and then the mouth and eye. Finally I added in the red rocket and the little yellow tulip twist craters.

This week on the My Daily Balloon Facebook page I posted a photo of a small part of this weeks sculpture and asked people to guess what it was going to be, the photo showed just the eye of the moon so it was a bit tricky to work out what it was, I had a few people say it was Pluto and lots of people thought it might be Tweetie Pie however well done to the 2 people who did guess what it was. I will do the same this week so keep a look out on the Facebook Page.

I am off the the London Balloon Jam on Tuesday 10th Feb, this takes place in the city of London from 4pm to 10pm and if you would like to come along then send me a message on facebook or by using the contact page here. There is no teaching taking place but it is a great place to share ideas and make balloons with other twisters.

Have a lovely week everyone

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