Nov 30

Twisted Cinema 2 – Don’t get scared now!



Hello everyone

It is time for my second Twisted Cinema balloon sculpture and this week I have gone for the 1990 Christmas movie ‘Home Alone’. This is one of my favourite Christmas movies and I usually watch it every year. I thought long and hard about which scene to re-create from Home Alone and there were several that I had in mind including the Spider on Marv’s face and Kevin escaping from the window with his home made zip line but in the end I decided to go for the main poster of the film as I thought it was very recognisable.

The photograph actually contains 5 separate sculptures, First I made Kevin’s head and then I made his arms separately and attached them onto his face, Kevin’s head is made from 350s and 160s with a couple of 5″ round balloons for the eyes and mouth. Marv and Harry in the background are 2 more sculptures and are made from 260s with some 160s for the hair and other parts.

If you are unfamiliar with balloon modelling and balloon sizes then here is a guide – a 160 balloon is 1 inch diameter and 60 inches long, a 260 is 2″ by 60″ long, 350 is 3″ by 50″, you also get 5″ rounds which are exactly what it says on the packet – 5 inch and round, then there are 11″ rounds and many more bigger sizes, you can get a host of other shapes and sizes including donuts, bees and hearts as well.

Do you have a movie suggestion for me? maybe I can recreate your favourite film scene out of balloons or movie poster? I have a list of quite a few already but I really could do with some more suggestions, if you do have a suggestion then please send it over to me using the contact page or via the Facebook page.

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Here is a clue for next weeks Christmas movie scene – “In God we trust”

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