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Twisted Cinema wall calendar


Here it is Twisted Cinema the wall calendar.

With 23 photos from the Twisted cinema project this calendar will look great on any balloon lovers wall.


To get your calendar send Rob a message at the contacts page.


Calendar are £10 each






Mr Small

Mr SmallI am pleased to be able to offer this tutorial for Mr Small, he is a cute little chap and not too difficult, Everything is explained in the PDF and once you are familiar with the design he does not take too long to make.

He is available in PDF format for just £3.00 (that is just under $5).





Mr Small

Snail Tutorial

This cute snail is easy to make and used 4 balloons, 3 x 260s and a 5 inch round.







Captain America’s Shield


This version of the famous shield is based on one I made a last year for the MDB blog, I have simplified it a bit as the original design was rather fiddly, this one however is not too hard to make, You need to know how to make a pinch twist and once you get the central star made you just need to slowly build up the outer rings, the last red ring is a bit of a tough one to get into place but with a little bit of practice you should be able to get it looking right.

It is available in PDF format for just £4.50 (that is around $7).





Captain America’s Shield

 Toy Story – Peas in a Pod


These adorable little peas are very easy to make, all you need is a lime green 350 and 2 x lime green 160s.

It is just £2.00 to purchase this tutorial.






Peas in a Pod




1 comment

  1. Mag B


    Serait il possible d’avoir le tutorial de ce vélo ? : http://www.mydailyballoon.com/14th-november-bicycle/
    Bravo pour la réalisation !! Il est splendide et je souhaiterais essayer de faire le même pour une animation dans ma ville à l’occasion du passage du tour de France.

    Sinon, peut-être le tutoriel de celui ci : http://www.mydailyballoon.com/simple-bike/
    Cela sera plus simple à réaliser, mais moins impressionnant…

    Merci beaucoup de votre réponse


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