Jan 11




I decided to have a go at making a Totoro this week, now I can say right from the start that I am not 100% happy with the look of him, I spent what seems like hours trying to get him looking right and I am still not happy, his head is too high up above his body, his nose is too low, his ears need to be on top of his head, I tried him with a smile and it looked wrong so I changed it to a little mouth, am I being too critical? maybe, what do you think of him?

Its odd because I made him 2 days ago, then yesterday I asked people what they would like to see me make, the first answer was from my cousin Charlie, he asked for a Totoro, how very odd.


What would YOU like to see me make from balloons? send me some suggestions and I will pick a few to make in the next few weeks. I have already had lots of suggestions on the MDB facebook page.




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