Oct 24

Toothless the Dragon

Toothless the Dragon

Toothless the Dragon

Hello all

Back on December 31st I made a Toothless (the dragon from the ‘How to train your dragon’ films), you can see it here – http://www.mydailyballoon.com/31st-december-toothless-the-dragon/, it was the last sculpture I made for my 365 days of balloons. 

I was fairly pleased with this design apart from the fact its fairly big and not exactly quick to make. Ever since then I have been inundated with people asking me how I made it, I get at least 1 request a week asking me for a tutorial, I doubt I would ever do a tutorial for this big design so I decided to try and make a mini version and today I think I came up with a do-able design. The head is a bit complicated but not too difficult. 

Its made from 6 balloons, actually I used 5 balloons and then 3 bits of scrap for the eyes, tail and tongue. The head is made from 2 black 160s (plus the eyes and tongue) and the body is a black 260 and a black 160 (plus the red bit).

Toothless is a winged dragon but he usually keeps them tucked away while sitting however I did a winged version as well which you can see below. I do plan on doing a tutorial for this, whether it will be a PDF or a video I do not know yet but please do watch this space and I will come up with something soon.

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Toothless from above

With Wings

With wings

Another with wings

Another with wings


  1. Amanda

    Can you pretty pretty pls with a cherry on top make a tutorial on this ASAP. I LOVE this design and i also LOVE toothless from HTTYD

    1. Rob Driscoll

      Hi there, I am glad you like the design, I do have plans on making a tutorial for him, I just don’t know when, it may take me a few weeks as I am fairly busy with other things at the moment but keep an eye open on the website.

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