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Jul 21

Pokemon Go


The latest craze of Pokemon Go seems to be taking over the world so I thought I would join in the fun by making a few of the Pokemon, here is Pikachu     here is Bulbasaur                   and finally Meowth             …

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May 15

Turtle Centre Piece

2014-29 - Turtle Table Centre b

Here is another table centre piece I made for The Portsmouth Magic Circle Annual Dinner, today it is the turtle themed one. It features a mummy turtle and the baby with seaweed and bubbles galore. The big turtle is made using a design by David Crofts who I saw lecture in March, I made a …

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Nov 08

8th November – TMNT Hairband

312 - TMNT Hairband

I have to thanks Mista Twister (AKA Andy) for this one, He made it recently at a balloon event and I loved the design, It is made from 3 balloons, Andy originally used a 5″ round balloon for the top of the head but I went looking through my balloons and I found I am …

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May 16

16th May – Turtle

I have been wanting to make a turtle for a while, I have had a play around with a few designs and came up with this, its made from 7 balloons but might be able to get away with only using 5 next time.This one has 2 blush 260s and 2 mocha 260s in the …

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