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Jan 13

A-Z of Endangered Species – Lemur


L is for Lemur – There are around a 100 different types of Lemur and this week I have decided to pick just one, it is a Lemur that I think everyone would recognize, the Ring Tailed Lemur. All wild Lemurs live on the island of Madagascar, the name Lemur means Ghost or Spirits and …

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Nov 02

Twisted Cinema – E.T.


Hello everyone, I have managed to reach week number 50, I now have just 2 more weeks to go until I reach 1 year of movie balloons. This week I have recreated another of my all time favourite films, not only is this a favourite film but it contains my all time favourite movie soundtrack, …

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Apr 06

Twisted Cinema – Alice in Wonderland

Hello everyone This week is week number 20, can you believe I have been doing this for 20 weeks already? time seems to be going so fast. This Easter weekend has been a very busy one for me with lots of balloons to make, on Saturday I was asked to appear as the Mad Hatter …

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Mar 02

Twisted Cinema – The Lorax

It is week 15 this week and I have decided to revisit a character I made during September of my 365 days of balloons in 2013, Its the Lorax from the 2012 movie of the same name and this time I have tweaked the design and improved it a little, plus I have added the …

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Nov 29


Hello everyone I was recently asked to make a Sloth for a birthday party, I have been wanting to make a sloth for a long time now so I was pleased to get a request for one. It took me a while to work out how to do it, especially the head, I usually mull …

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Nov 20

“We Are Groot”

Groot and Rocket

Hello everyone I do hope you are all having a good week, I am having a VERY balloon filled week here which is always good news. This coming Monday the DVD of Guardians of the Galaxy is being released and to celebrate this I was asked by my local HMV to make something suitable. I started …

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May 27

Koala Table Centre


I am continuing with the table centre pieces I made for the Portsmouth Magic Circle annual dinner earlier this month, this time its a Koala and her baby up a tree. I had the idea of doing the Koala very early on and had a design in mind for a koala which I used here, …

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Dec 27

27th December – Monkey in a Tree

Ooo oooo ooooo!!!

Its a fairly simple one today, I can’t believe I have made it to day 360 and I have only JUST made this Monkey, I have probably made this monkey more times than any other balloon I do, it gets made at practically every magic show I do, I make it all over the place, …

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Dec 01

1st December – Simple Tree

Simple Tree

December has arrived and its time for me to start doing the Christmas balloons, I am going to start with this fairly simple Christmas tree, its too early to decorate it yet so I will do another in the coming weeks with decorations. This little tree is made from 5 balloons, I used three green …

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