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Nov 02

Twisted Cinema – E.T.


Hello everyone, I have managed to reach week number 50, I now have just 2 more weeks to go until I reach 1 year of movie balloons. This week I have recreated another of my all time favourite films, not only is this a favourite film but it contains my all time favourite movie soundtrack, …

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Sep 01

Twisted Cinema – Metropolis

Hello everyone I have actually made it to movie number 40 and this week for my Twisted Cinema scene I have decided to have a go at one of the most iconic movie posters of all time, it is the poster for the 1927 movie Metropolis. This is a German film directed by Fritz Lang and …

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Apr 26

Twisted Cinema – “oooOOOooo”

Hello everyone, It is time for another Twisted Cinema, I had planned to do something while I was away last week but time seemed to slip away into the past and then my trip was over and It was Saturday morning and I didn’t have a balloon ready for this week, right at the last …

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Feb 16

Twisted Cinema – “Houston, We have a problem”

Hello everyone It is week 13 and for my Twisted Cinema I thought I would do something related to the number 13, the most obvious choice of film is of course the 1995 movie Apollo 13. The movie tells the story of the Apollo 13 mission to land on the moon, The Lunar landing was …

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Feb 09

Twisted Cinema – A Trip to the Moon

Hello Everyone It is week 12 of my Twisted Cinema series of balloon sculptures and this week I have gone back in time to the year 1902. A Trip to the Moon (or Le voyage dans la lune) was created by French film maker and magician Georges Méliès and it is probably one of his best …

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Jun 08

We Have Lift Off


Hey folks, well I have had a busy week as I was preparing for my own birthday party, I wanted to make a few balloons for the little get together I was having all on the theme of travel, the first balloon I came up with was this one, the space shuttle launch. It took …

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Nov 23

23rd November – Tardis


50 years ago today, the first episode of Doctor Who aired in the UK, to celebrate I have made this Tardis (or as my mum called it, a Doctor Box). This Tardis is made from 22 balloons I think, mainly blue 260s but there is a 160 in there and an 11″ round balloon in …

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Oct 02

02 October – Simple Spaceship


I occasionally get asked for space ships so a few years ago I came up with this simple design (flame not included). I think it liiks liek a Wallace and Gromit type rocket, Its quite useful as you can put it onto a hat, or attach another clear 260 balloon onto it so they can …

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Feb 21

21st February – Retro Space Gun

This reminds me of the type of space gun that comic hero spaceman Spiff would use (Calvin’s alter ego in Calvin and Hobbes), it is made of 3 balloons, a red 260, a yellow 160 and a blue 160. I am off up to Blackpool today to visit the worlds largest magic convention where I …

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