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Feb 04

A-Z of Endangered Species – Hairy Nosed Otter


This week I am taking a look at Otters, in particular one of the least known animals on the planet, the Hairy Nosed Otter. This little chap was thought to be extinct up until 1998, since then a few small populations have been discovered in Southeast Asia. Because there are so few of the animals …

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Nov 11

A-Z of Endangered Species – Coral


This week I am at the letter C and I decided early on in my A-Z of endangered species that C was going to be one of the most beautiful things on the planet, Coral. Coral reefs can be found all around the world, the most famous being the great barrier reef off the eastern …

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Sep 03

Twisted Cinema – Life of Pi

Hello everyone. It is week number 41 this week, if you are thinking that there seems to be an extra movie this week its because I ran a week behind not too long ago so this is me catching up (don’t tell anyone, they won’t notice . . well one person did but no one else …

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Dec 10



Hello everyone Here in my home town we have the worlds only scheduled hovercraft service, they are amazing forms of transport being able to travel on land and sea, they were invented locally as well. Many many years ago I used to work with the hovercrafts so I have fond memories of them, I recently …

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May 15

Turtle Centre Piece

2014-29 - Turtle Table Centre b

Here is another table centre piece I made for The Portsmouth Magic Circle Annual Dinner, today it is the turtle themed one. It features a mummy turtle and the baby with seaweed and bubbles galore. The big turtle is made using a design by David Crofts who I saw lecture in March, I made a …

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Apr 29

29th April – Ship at Sea

I have to thank Sean (Mister Tall) for pointing me in the direction of this lovely little sculpture, Its so cool and I can’t wait to make one at a party. It is made from 7 balloons, 3 x 260s make up the sea, 2 x 260s make up the main part of the ship …

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