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Jul 21

Pokemon Go


The latest craze of Pokemon Go seems to be taking over the world so I thought I would join in the fun by making a few of the Pokemon, here is Pikachu     here is Bulbasaur                   and finally Meowth             …

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Nov 02

Twisted Cinema – E.T.


Hello everyone, I have managed to reach week number 50, I now have just 2 more weeks to go until I reach 1 year of movie balloons. This week I have recreated another of my all time favourite films, not only is this a favourite film but it contains my all time favourite movie soundtrack, …

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Oct 11

Twisted Cinema – Big Hero 6

It is week number 47, eeeek its only 5 weeks until I reach a year of movie balloons. I am off to the Millennium Balloon Jam in Belgium in 4 weeks time so that means I will need to make my 52nd movie balloon while at the Millennium Jam, I wonder what movie balloon I …

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Sep 01

Twisted Cinema – Metropolis

Hello everyone I have actually made it to movie number 40 and this week for my Twisted Cinema scene I have decided to have a go at one of the most iconic movie posters of all time, it is the poster for the 1927 movie Metropolis. This is a German film directed by Fritz Lang and …

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Apr 26

Twisted Cinema – “oooOOOooo”

Hello everyone, It is time for another Twisted Cinema, I had planned to do something while I was away last week but time seemed to slip away into the past and then my trip was over and It was Saturday morning and I didn’t have a balloon ready for this week, right at the last …

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Apr 19

Twisted Cinema – Thor

Hello everyone its time for another Twisted Cinema balloon, this is my 22nd and its a fairly simple one this week. Its Mjölnir, the hammer belonging to the Norse god Thor. This could be from a number of films about the Norse god but I am saying its from the originally titled 2011 film ‘Thor’ …

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Feb 23

Twisted Cinema – Day of the Triffids

Hello everyone This week for my Twisted Cinema movie scene I have been attacked by the killer plants from the British 1962 movie ‘Day of the Triffids’. The film is based on a book by John Wyndham and stars Howard Keel as a naval officer struggling to survive in a world over run with poisonous …

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Feb 09

Twisted Cinema – A Trip to the Moon

Hello Everyone It is week 12 of my Twisted Cinema series of balloon sculptures and this week I have gone back in time to the year 1902. A Trip to the Moon (or Le voyage dans la lune) was created by French film maker and magician Georges Méliès and it is probably one of his best …

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Jan 18

Twisted Cinema – The Terminator

I'll Be Back

Hello everyone Its time for week nine of my Twisted Cinema series of photos and this week it is my interpretation of the 1984 Sci-Fi movie The Terminator. I spent ages working on this photo in Photoshop and if you want to see the original sculpture you can see it here –  http://www.mydailyballoon.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/DSC_6760.jpg, Someone did …

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Dec 31

Twisted Cinema 6 – Raiders of the Lost Ark

Indiana Jones

Hello everyone For my Twisted Cinema balloon this week I have decided to try and replicate one of my favourite movies, It is a scene from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. I can still remember the first time I saw the opening scene to the Raiders film, it was Christmas day …

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