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Jan 06

A-Z of Endangered Species – Kakapo


This week I am featuring a bird for the second week running, this however is a very different bird to last weeks Japanese Crane. For the first time in my project I am heading down to New Zealand and a bird called the Kakapo. The Kakapo has some rather unusual qualities, it is a parrot …

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Jun 04

4th June – Parrot

I have made this Parrot a few times recently due to me having a few pirate shows to do, he always gets people talking. He is made from 7 balloons, 2 red x 260s, a black heart shaped balloon, a white 160 for the eyes, a yellow 260, a grey 160 and a brown 160. …

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Mar 26

26th March – Tiki Tiki Bird

A couple of weeks ago Graham posted a photo onto the balloon chat forum of a balloon model made by someone who attended Twist and Shout, the annual Balloon twister Convention in the USA, I loved the model so much I just had to have a go at making him. I have no idea who made the …

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Jan 14

14th January – Parrot

This parrot is made of 3 balloons however it can be made of just 1.