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Feb 10

A-Z of Endangered Species – Poison Dart Frog


This week for the letter P I am heading to the jungles of South America and I am featuring my second amphibian of the series, it is the Poison Dart Frog. There are well over 100 different types of Poison Dart Frog, they come in all kinds of amazing colours and patterns with unusual names …

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Jan 13

A-Z of Endangered Species – Lemur


L is for Lemur – There are around a 100 different types of Lemur and this week I have decided to pick just one, it is a Lemur that I think everyone would recognize, the Ring Tailed Lemur. All wild Lemurs live on the island of Madagascar, the name Lemur means Ghost or Spirits and …

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Jan 06

A-Z of Endangered Species – Kakapo


This week I am featuring a bird for the second week running, this however is a very different bird to last weeks Japanese Crane. For the first time in my project I am heading down to New Zealand and a bird called the Kakapo. The Kakapo has some rather unusual qualities, it is a parrot …

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Dec 23

A-Z of Endangered Species – Indochinese Tiger


Hello everyone, it is now week 9 of my endangered species made from balloons, for the past few weeks you may have noticed the WWF have been concentrating their efforts on Tigers. I thought it would be good to tie my project into to the WWF campaign by featuring a tiger this week so for the …

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Dec 16

The A-Z of Endangered Species – Hercules Beetle


A-Z of Endangered Species – Hercules Beetle I have reached week 8 of my endangered species made from balloons and for the letter H I have decided to feature my first insect of the series, This fascinating creature is called the Hercules beetle and is one of the largest beetles in the world. living in …

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Nov 26

A-Z of Endangered Species – Eastern Lowland Gorilla


The Eastern Lowland Gorilla is the largest of the four subspecies of gorilla, It has large stocky body, large hands and is covered in jet black hair. In this picture we can see a young male gorilla foraging for food, like all gorillas living mainly on a diet of fruit and other herbaceous materials. Found in …

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Jul 15

Twisted Cinema – King Kong

Hello folks, it is time for week 34 of my Twisted Cinema series of balloons, this time I am going back in time again to the original 1933 version of King Kong starring Fay Wray. This is one of those films I have been meaning to do for ages, while attending the City of London …

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Jun 07

Twisted Cinema – Jurassic Park

Hello Everyone Its week 29 and I have been waiting for this week to come along since I first came up with the idea of this series of balloon photos. It is my interpretation of a scene from the 1993 blockbuster movie Jurassic Park. I have waited to do this until this week because of the …

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Jun 02

Twisted Cinema – The Jungle Book

Hello everyone, It is week 28 and time for yet another Disney movie, I was given the idea to do this by Mark (although he doesn’t know that), it is Buzzie, Flaps, Ziggy and Dizzy the 4 Liverpudlian vultures from the 1967 Disney movie the Jungle book. The vultures in the Jungle book actually look …

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Dec 31

Twisted Cinema 6 – Raiders of the Lost Ark

Indiana Jones

Hello everyone For my Twisted Cinema balloon this week I have decided to try and replicate one of my favourite movies, It is a scene from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. I can still remember the first time I saw the opening scene to the Raiders film, it was Christmas day …

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