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Dec 31

A-Z of Endangered Species – Japanese Crane


This week I am heading to the far east and the Japanese Crane, also known as the Red Crowned crane this bird is one of the largest of the crane family, These amazing birds are an icon of Japan and legend says that these birds will live to 1000 years old, they are a symbol …

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Sep 02

2nd September – Japanese Man

Japanese Man

The other day I made a Japanese girl (or Geisha as some have suggested). Today I have made this Japanese man to match, he is holding his little Japanese sword instead of a fan and has different hair to the girl design. Have you subscribed to the fortnightly newsletter yet? if you do then you …

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Aug 31

31st August – Japanese Girl

Japanese Girl

I recently received an email from Mary regarding Link-o-loons, these are a type of special round balloon with an extra securing point directly opposite the knot, I have never made anything from these balloons but I have played with them, Mary then showed me a video on youtube using these balloons and I really liked …

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