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Jul 11

11th July – A Tail of Another Snail

On Monday I made a snail based on a design by Graham, today I am featuring another snail with a slightly different shell design, its not quite as stable as the one I made on Monday but I like the look of this shell. He is made from 4 balloons, 1 x 260 for the …

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Jul 08

8th July – A Tail of Two Snails

This week I am going to make 2 snails, for a while now I have seen Graham making a rather brilliant snail, he usually makes it at his balloon events and I really liked the look of it, so today I have tried to replicate Graham’s snail. Later in the week I will be featuring …

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Jul 03

3rd July – Caterpillar Two

Here is another caterpillar, direct from the Welsh countryside. I wanted to practice the pinch twist method shown to me by Antonio Becarus last week, this caterpillar uses 4 x 260 balloons, 2 for the body, 1 for the antenna and 1 for the eyes (I actually used a scrap piece for the eyes)

Jul 02

2nd July – Simple Butterfly

A couple of friends recently had a go at balloon modelling, one of then was asked to make a butterfly and I ended up recommending this one, it is made from 2 balloons and is fairly quick to make. I am away camping at the moment and I am uploading this from a farm near …

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May 06

6th May – Butterfly Two

Its another beautiful and warm sunny day here in Portsmouth and this means plenty of flowers and butterflies. This butterfly is made from 7 balloons, there are 2 yellow hearts, 2 purple hearts, a yellow 260, a pink 260 and a white 260. You can follow My Daily Balloon several other waysFacebook – www.facebook.com/mydailyballoon and hit the …

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Apr 24

24th April – Caterpillar

What a cute and happy little fellow this caterpillar is, he likes nothing more than to roam around the plants in my garden and scare the neighbours. He is made from 5 balloons, all of them are 260s, he has one balloon to make the inner core and head, another 2 to make the outer …

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Apr 19

20th April – Centipede

I made this as a kind of experiment to see how it would come out, its made from 12 balloons although most of them are un-inflated, I used 3 black 260s for the main body and another brown 260 running down the back, the head was a 350 and then the legs and antennas were …

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Apr 09

9th April – Bumblebee

I have decided to continue the creepy crawly theme today with a bumblebee, This little chap is made from a mixture of balloons, mainly 260s, there are 10 balloons in total. I started with a black round balloon for the face and joined it to a black 360 for the central core of his body, …

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Apr 07

7th April – Dragonfly

After making yesterdays scorpion I was in the mood for another insect, a dragonfly made from 8 balloons. I started with his main body and added in the tail, then I added the eyes which are made from a heart shaped balloon, next come the black ridges down the body from a 160 and the …

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Apr 06

6th April – Scorpion

I was at Marion’s house the other day and she suggested I make a scorpion, I don’t think scorpions are her favourite insect, I see her more of a butterfly type person, I have never seen a scorpion balloon sculpture before so I thought I would give it a go, thanks for the idea Marion. …

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