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Jan 14



Hello everyone, Happy new year, I do hope you have had a lovely few weeks. It has been a few weeks since I last posted a balloon photo, I made it to a year of my Twisted Cinema series of balloons and decided to take a break. Talking of Take a Break I was lucky …

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Apr 15

16th April – Rocking Horse

I was talking to Rikki last night and the subject of balloon rocking horses came up, we were discussing various ideas so I thought I would post this which is my version of a rocking horse. This Rocking horse is made from 3 balloons, first I make the horse from a blue 260 balloon and …

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Jan 31

31st January – Little Horse

Nat suggested to me that the last day of each month should be saved for a big balloon model, This Horse really is this big, I promise its not been photo-shopped, Its made up of balloons sized 646 (6 inches x 46 inches). There are 7 balloons in this model, 4 in the body, then 2 …

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Jan 13

13th January – Unicorn

Time for a mythological animal, its a unicorn, made out of 3 balloons.