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Feb 10

A-Z of Endangered Species – Poison Dart Frog


This week for the letter P I am heading to the jungles of South America and I am featuring my second amphibian of the series, it is the Poison Dart Frog. There are well over 100 different types of Poison Dart Frog, they come in all kinds of amazing colours and patterns with unusual names …

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Feb 19



I have recently been working on a few of my own designs, one animal I have always found a problem is a frog, some frogs I have seen don’t really look like frogs and others seem to take ages to make, I eventually came up with this simple design and I really like the look …

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Nov 17

17th November – Happy Frog

Happy Frog

I made this very happy frog after seeing a YouTube tutorial from the YouTube user Changsunny recently.  This Frog is the happiest frog I have ever seen and he is made from 5 balloons, 3 x 260s, a 350 and a 5″ round balloon. I wont say too much more because you can all go …

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Apr 25

25th April – Frog

Here is my first frog of the year, I don’t expect you will see to many frogs from me, it maybe because I am too fussy but I have seen a lot of frogs made from balloons but I rarely think they look like frogs, I think this is one of the best I have …

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