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Feb 04

A-Z of Endangered Species – Hairy Nosed Otter


This week I am taking a look at Otters, in particular one of the least known animals on the planet, the Hairy Nosed Otter. This little chap was thought to be extinct up until 1998, since then a few small populations have been discovered in Southeast Asia. Because there are so few of the animals …

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Jan 28

A-Z of Endangered Species – Narwhal


This week I am taking a look at my first marine mammal, The Narwhal is one of those creatures most people have heard of but dont know much about, they seem to be such mythical creatures, like a cross between a whale and a unicorn. The tusk is actually one of the whales teeth and …

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Dec 10

A-Z of Endangered Species – Galápagos penguin


This week is week number 7 and I am featuring my first bird of the series, It is a penguin, everyone loves penguins and this Galápagos penguin is the only species of penguin living north of the equator. As the name suggests these penguins live on the Galápagos Islands in the Eastern Pacific ocean around 600 miles …

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Oct 28

A-Z of Endangered Species – Axolotl


You may well recognise this little amphibian as they can been seen in zoos, aquariums, laboratories and as pets all around the world, in the wild however they can only be found in the lakes and canals of a small area in central Mexico. If you are wondering how to pronounce the name then try this – “Ax-oh-lot-ul.”. …

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Jul 26

Twisted Cinema – Finding Nemo

Hello everyone, time for another Twisted Cinema, its been yet another busy week this week so its another fairly simple sculpture, no prizes for guessing the film I have recreated, yes its ‘Revenge of the Mecha-zombie part 3’ . . . . oh no, thats not right, that’s next week, of course, its Finding Nemo …

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Jun 05

Seahorse Table Centre

Here is another of the table centre pieces I made the the Portsmouth Magic Circle Annual Dinner,  This one features a seahorse, a little ray and a starfish at the bottom. I used about 20 balloons to make this sculpture and it stood around a metre tall. After the dinner this seahorse ended up in …

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May 15

Turtle Centre Piece

2014-29 - Turtle Table Centre b

Here is another table centre piece I made for The Portsmouth Magic Circle Annual Dinner, today it is the turtle themed one. It features a mummy turtle and the baby with seaweed and bubbles galore. The big turtle is made using a design by David Crofts who I saw lecture in March, I made a …

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May 13

Nemo and Marlin Table Centrepiece

Nemo and Marlin

I recently made the table decorations for the Portsmouth Magic Circle Annual Dinner, I am currently sharing some of the table centres I made for the event, here is my clown fish themed  table centre with Nemo and Marlin (and Pearl the starfish). I have to thanks Mr Boma for the Nemo and Marlin design, …

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May 11

Octopus Table Centre Piece

Octopus Table Centre

I recently made the table decorations for the Portsmouth Magic Circle Annual Dinner, over the next few days I will be showing you some of the table centres I made for the event, first I will show you one of my favourite sculptures of the night, the Octopus, he was huge and filled up the …

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Apr 12


A couple of weeks ago I attended a balloon event up near Leeds, it was a brilliant few days away. I am going to share some of the new designs I have learnt from Graham Lee, Daniel McCullough and David Crofts. First is this Goldfish, it was the first thing that we had a go at …

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