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Jan 14



Hello everyone, Happy new year, I do hope you have had a lovely few weeks. It has been a few weeks since I last posted a balloon photo, I made it to a year of my Twisted Cinema series of balloons and decided to take a break. Talking of Take a Break I was lucky …

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Oct 11

Twisted Cinema – Big Hero 6

It is week number 47, eeeek its only 5 weeks until I reach a year of movie balloons. I am off to the Millennium Balloon Jam in Belgium in 4 weeks time so that means I will need to make my 52nd movie balloon while at the Millennium Jam, I wonder what movie balloon I …

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Oct 08

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Hello all Well after last weeks photo of Disney’s Lady and the Tramp I was overwhelmed by the comments and responses about it on Facebook, In just a couple of days the photo was seen by well over 50,000 people and I thank everyone for commenting, sharing and liking it. This week I am sticking …

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Sep 26

Twisted Cinema – Lady and the Tramp

Hello everyone, It is time for week number 45 and I am rather excited about this movie, I have been working on this scene for longer than any other movie scene in the series, It is the famous dinner scene from Disney’s Lady and the Tramp. I started working on the design for this back …

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Sep 10

Twisted Cinema – Spider-Man

Is it week 42 already? that means I have 10 more weeks until I have done a whole year. This week it is the turn of a superhero favourite, it is Spider-Man, the 2002 movie starring Toby McGuire as Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane. I actually much prefer the more recent incarnations …

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Jul 26

Twisted Cinema – Finding Nemo

Hello everyone, time for another Twisted Cinema, its been yet another busy week this week so its another fairly simple sculpture, no prizes for guessing the film I have recreated, yes its ‘Revenge of the Mecha-zombie part 3’ . . . . oh no, thats not right, that’s next week, of course, its Finding Nemo …

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Jun 22

Twisted Cinema – Monsters Inc

Hello everyone, It is that time of the week again, This week my Twisted Cinema picture is the 2001 Pixar hit movie Monsters Inc. I originally thought about going down the route of making Mike and Sully for this one but after thinking about it for a while I decided to go for a different …

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Jun 02

Twisted Cinema – The Jungle Book

Hello everyone, It is week 28 and time for yet another Disney movie, I was given the idea to do this by Mark (although he doesn’t know that), it is Buzzie, Flaps, Ziggy and Dizzy the 4 Liverpudlian vultures from the 1967 Disney movie the Jungle book. The vultures in the Jungle book actually look …

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Apr 26

Twisted Cinema – “oooOOOooo”

Hello everyone, It is time for another Twisted Cinema, I had planned to do something while I was away last week but time seemed to slip away into the past and then my trip was over and It was Saturday morning and I didn’t have a balloon ready for this week, right at the last …

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Apr 19

Twisted Cinema – Thor

Hello everyone its time for another Twisted Cinema balloon, this is my 22nd and its a fairly simple one this week. Its Mjölnir, the hammer belonging to the Norse god Thor. This could be from a number of films about the Norse god but I am saying its from the originally titled 2011 film ‘Thor’ …

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