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Jul 15

Twisted Cinema – King Kong

Hello folks, it is time for week 34 of my Twisted Cinema series of balloons, this time I am going back in time again to the original 1933 version of King Kong starring Fay Wray. This is one of those films I have been meaning to do for ages, while attending the City of London …

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Jun 07

Twisted Cinema – Jurassic Park

Hello Everyone Its week 29 and I have been waiting for this week to come along since I first came up with the idea of this series of balloon photos. It is my interpretation of a scene from the 1993 blockbuster movie Jurassic Park. I have waited to do this until this week because of the …

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May 27

Twisted Cinema – How To Train your Dragon

Hello everyone, It is cinema time again and this week I have decided to recreate the poster from one of my favourite non Disney animated films, it is of course the 2010 Dreamworks film How To Train Your Dragon.   I first saw this film while entertaining on a cruise ship in the middle of …

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Jan 02

My Daily Balloon – The Video

Well I have had a WHOLE day without touching a single balloon, what I HAVE done instead is to spend some of the day putting this video together. it features a selection of the 365 balloons I made over the last year. Enjoy

Dec 31

31st December – Toothless the Dragon


Well, here it is, the last day of 2013 and my 365th balloon sculpture, Its Toothless the Dragon from the books and films of ‘How to Train your Dragon’. I have wanted to do this chap for a while and thought he would like to be made on the final day of my year. If …

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Dec 21

21st December – Gallimimus


Today its Darren’s birthday and I thought long and hard about what to make for him, in the end I decided it was to be a dinosaur, its a Galli . . . . . Galli . . . . . . .Galimimus. The Gallimimus is a dinosaur made famous by the Jurassic Park movie …

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Aug 04

4th August – Diplodocus

This is a rather simple Diplodocus, for some reason I seem to remember the Diplodocus being renamed or something but I just googled him and he seems to still exist (well not actually exist as they are extinct, but you know what I mean). he is made from just 2 balloons, both of them 260s …

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May 28

28th May – Stegosaurus

This Stegosaurus is made from just 2 green 260 sized balloons, I used 1 for the head, legs and main body, the other one I used for the back plates and the tail. Rob can make sculptures for any event in the UK, birthdays, anniversaries, get well soon, baby showers, window displays, corporate events and …

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Mar 22

22nd March – T-Rex

Its time for another model made from just the 1 x 260 sized balloon, Its a T-Rex and he takes just a minute or so to make with just 11 twists.

Jan 26

26th January – Triceratops

Its Dinotime again, this time a Triceratops, this one if made up of about 5 balloons (I cant remember but its around 5).

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