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Jan 02

My Daily Balloon – The Video

Well I have had a WHOLE day without touching a single balloon, what I HAVE done instead is to spend some of the day putting this video together. it features a selection of the 365 balloons I made over the last year. Enjoy

Dec 04

4th December – Dinner


I was going to do this one closer to Christmas but for various reasons I have decided to do it now, This would probably be my perfect meal, you just can’t beat a nice roast dinner. This roast is made from 17 balloons, I started with the chicken (or is it a turkey?) and that …

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Sep 07

7th September – Chick

This little chick reminds me of a character that would appear in a Looney Toons cartoon with Foghorn Leghorn, Did Foghorn Leghorn ever have a son or nephew? I cant remember but for the sake of entertainment (and a quick google search) I think I will call this little chap Egghead Jr. Egghead Jr. is …

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Apr 26

26th April – Chicken

My niece is 14 years old today, her name is Hester and she is my oldest niece, earlier in the year she requested that I make a black chicken, she has her own real live black chicken called Blackie so here is her balloon Blackie the Chicken. This Chicken is made from 10 balloons, It …

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Jan 16

16th January – Chick

This cute little Chick is made of 3 balloon, 1 yellow 260, a blue 160 and an orange 160. For those of you who are not into making balloons but are interested, a 160 balloon means it is 1 inch diameter and 60 inches long, a 260 balloon is 2 inches diameter and 60 inches …

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