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Dec 23

A-Z of Endangered Species – Indochinese Tiger


Hello everyone, it is now week 9 of my endangered species made from balloons, for the past few weeks you may have noticed the WWF have been concentrating their efforts on Tigers. I thought it would be good to tie my project into to the WWF campaign by featuring a tiger this week so for the …

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Dec 03

A-Z of Endangered Species – Fossa


This week for the letter F I have made an animal called a Fossa, this mammal is the largest carnivorous animal on the island of Madagascar and they look like a cross between a dog and a cat. The fossa will eat everything they can catch including frogs, lizards, insects, fish, lemurs and other small mammals. …

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Jul 21

Pokemon Go


The latest craze of Pokemon Go seems to be taking over the world so I thought I would join in the fun by making a few of the Pokemon, here is Pikachu     here is Bulbasaur                   and finally Meowth             …

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Apr 06

Twisted Cinema – Alice in Wonderland

Hello everyone This week is week number 20, can you believe I have been doing this for 20 weeks already? time seems to be going so fast. This Easter weekend has been a very busy one for me with lots of balloons to make, on Saturday I was asked to appear as the Mad Hatter …

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Feb 02

Twisted Cinema – Kiki’s Delivery Service

Kiki's Delivery Service

Hello everyone this week I spent quite a long time thinking about what film to make for Twisted Cinema, it was while chatting to my friend Tom that I decided to do a scene from the Studio Ghibli animated film ‘Kiki’s Delivery Service’. Tom was pleased about this idea as it is one of his …

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Jan 02

My Daily Balloon – The Video

Well I have had a WHOLE day without touching a single balloon, what I HAVE done instead is to spend some of the day putting this video together. it features a selection of the 365 balloons I made over the last year. Enjoy

Dec 07

7th December – Garfield


Today it is Stu’s birthday, I have mentioned Stu a few times in my blog, it was him who requested the Snoopy balloon back in May, anyway, Stu is an amazing artist, a cartoonist in fact, his work is awesome and he does stuff for the Beano and has done all sorts of other bits …

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Nov 12

12th November – Simple Tiger

Simple Tiger

Just a simple one today with this simple Tiger, he is made from just 1 x 260 balloon and is very easy to make, the stripes take longer than the actually balloon modelling. Have you entered the MDB competition yet? The prize is my current 10 PDF tutorials on disc, Anyone can enter and I …

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Oct 30

30th October – Black Cat and Broomstick

Cat and Broom

I have been making more sculptures to decorate my mums house, it is her birthday on Halloween and she herself claims to be the wicked witch (she said that, not me) so what does a witch need to complete the look? yes its a cat and a broomstick. I have to thank Dylan Gelinas for …

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Aug 18

18th August – Hello Kitty

230 - Hello Kitty

Let me ask you a question, how do you say hello to Hello Kitty? do you say hello Hello Kitty? and what if you are on first name terms with her? then you might just say hello Hello? I am just wondering what I would do if I bumped into her on the street one …

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