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Oct 21

Twisted Cinema – Back to the Future

GREAT SCOTT!!!  It is October the 21st 2015 and today I think there is only 1 series of films I could choose to replicate, for it is on this very date that Marty McFly and Doc Brown arrive from 1985 in their Delorean Time machine ready to set things straight for Marty’s family. No I know …

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Sep 20

Twisted Cinema – Thelma and Louise


Hello everyone. It is week number 44 and its another first for me, this week was the first time I made one of my cinema sculptures in the company of other people, it’s also the first time I have had help from other twisters to get it looking right, but more about that after I …

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Jan 02

My Daily Balloon – The Video

Well I have had a WHOLE day without touching a single balloon, what I HAVE done instead is to spend some of the day putting this video together. it features a selection of the 365 balloons I made over the last year. Enjoy

Sep 14

14th September – Little Car

I am often asked to make cars for people and I came up with this design, it is fairly quick and easy to make and kids are always very happy with the result. It is made from 2 x 260 balloons, the black balloons are tulip twists, I usually make a long tulip twist and …

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Sep 06

6th September – Racing Car

Little Car

Its been a while since I did a car of any kind so here is one based on a design by Antonio Bécares Rodriguez, He taught me a similar version to this back in June and I cant quite remember how he did it so this one is slightly different. This Car is made from …

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Mar 18

18th March – Car

I have 2 birthdays to mention today, firstly Greg requested something and as he is a driving instructor I have made a car, its also Roy’s birthday and tomorrow I will be making a balloon that Roy showed me the other day, happy birthday to both Roy and Greg. This car is made from 12 …

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Jan 12

12th January – Sports Car

Here is a Sports Car, Brmmmmmmm, brmmmmm, It is made of 3 balloons, a large black balloon split up to make 4 wheels, then a green one and a yellow one.