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Jan 14

Kung Fu Panda


Hello everyone This week I have made a suggestion from Graham, I was chatting to him the other day and he wanted me to have a go at Po from Kung Fu Panda. Graham likes pandas, he is often making pandas out of balloons. I first had a go at Po at the City of …

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Dec 23

Twisted Cinema 5 – The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack Skellington

Hello everyone and seasons greetings. This week my Twisted Cinema is a scene from The Nightmare Before Christmas. I was unsure what to do for Christmas week and I had this film in mind but I thought I would ask around and see what other people would suggest, Nat wanted me to do a Jack …

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Nov 16


Hello everyone There is a bit of a story behind this little panda, I recently attended 2 balloon jams, one in London and one in South Wales, While in the London jam I shared a design for a reindeer I often make at Christmas (scroll down to see the original design), a few people had …

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Feb 08

Valentines Bear

I made this bear last year for Mothers day and I thought I should make one for Valentines day too. He/she was shown to me by Balloonatic Kevin last March and I have used him/her a lot of times since then. I have always thought that a bear holding a heart is the ultimate valentines …

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Jan 02

My Daily Balloon – The Video

Well I have had a WHOLE day without touching a single balloon, what I HAVE done instead is to spend some of the day putting this video together. it features a selection of the 365 balloons I made over the last year. Enjoy

Dec 11

11th December – Polar Bear

Polar Bear

Today I have made this polar bear, I am having a new roof put on my photographic studio this week so the photo is not up to the usual standard. This polar bear is made from 4 balloons, I used a 260 for his nose, then 2 x 350s for the rest of the polar …

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Sep 19

19th September – Big Bear

A few weeks ago I was given a mixed bag of balloons by Cate and John, they included some Big Bear head balloons, I have never really played with them much before and so I thought it was time to do something with them. The Big Bear Head balloon makes up the body and feet …

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Sep 12

12th September – Panda


I have made 2 or 3 pandas before but this one is totally different. It is based on a design by the amazing balloon artist Patrick van de Ven, if you get a chance you should check out his work. This Panda is made from 5 balloons, a mixture of 260s, 160s and a 646 balloon …

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Jun 19

19th June – Captain Barnacles

Well Shiver me whiskers, sound the Octo-alert, its Captain Barnacles the polar bear from the TV show Octonauts, I know there are many people out there who will be pleased to see this, I seem to remember Arty liking the Octonauts, I hope you all like him. Captain Barnacles is made from 9 balloon, the …

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Jun 16

June 16th – Panda Three

This Panda is based on Balloonatic Kevin’s bear design, I just changed a few colours and changed the ears. he is made from 8 balloon (including the bamboo) its a mixture of 350s for the body and legs, 260s for the nose, arms, ears and eyes, 160s for the bamboo and a 5 inch round …

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