Jan 23




I have been wanting to do this little chap for AGES, I spend a lot of time last year thinking about how I could make him and finally I got around to making him with a little bit of a prompt from Stu who contacted me recently about making him for Sarah’s Birthday.

Its Moomintroll from the Tove Jansson Moomin books. As a kid I was a huge fan of the Moomin books, my favourite being Comet in Moominland, Moominpappa at Sea and Moominland in November. My favourite character in the books is Snuffkin and he is someone I want to have a go at making sometime in the near future.

So here is your Moomin Sarah, I do hope you had a lovely birthday, sorry I am a couple of days late but I was away at a balloon day in North London this week (more about that in a future post).



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  1. Thad James

    This is an adorable creation! The eyes are so expressive. It looks just like the Moomintroll. Great job!!

    1. Rob Driscoll

      Thank you very much πŸ˜€ it took me ages to work out the eyes and head.

  2. Nei

    All genial and playfull (lΓΊdico).

  3. Graham Robinson

    I just simply LOVE the Moomintroll.
    Actually, I like them all…..

    1. Rob Driscoll

      Thank you Graham πŸ˜€

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