Jan 14

Kung Fu Panda

03-KungFuPandaSMHello everyone

This week I have made a suggestion from Graham, I was chatting to him the other day and he wanted me to have a go at Po from Kung Fu Panda. Graham likes pandas, he is often making pandas out of balloons.

I first had a go at Po at the City of London balloon Jam, I had a few suggestions from Danny and Graham and the original design was much smaller, this one is my second version and is made from 2 x 11″ round balloons plus a few others.

I am going to be doing a workshop this coming March, it is part of one of Graham Lee’s balloon care and share days and will be taking place in Halesowen near Birmingham on March the 8th and 9th. It is a 2 day event and I will be appearing with Simon Jong from the Netherlands, if you want to come along to the event then tickets are available from the Balloon Art Wholesale shop here – http://www.qualatexballoons.co.uk/balloons/care-share-days/. You can also check out the events page on facebook here – https://www.facebook.com/events/625749384230543/. Make sure you book soon to save disappointment.

Do you have a suggestion of something for me to make? it doesn’t have to be film related, it can be ANYTHING you like, send me a message or leave a comment below.

See you all soon




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  1. Michael Hancock

    This one looks really nice buddy. The great Dragon Warrior “po” is back.

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