Jan 15

His Masters Voice



I am helping to celebrate a birthday, its the 10th birthday of the HMV shop in Gunwharf Quays, HMV itself has been around since 1921 but I wanted to help the local store celebrate its 10th birthday, those who followed my blog last year will know that some of my balloons sculptures ended up in the HMV in Gunwharf Quays so I thought I would help them celebrate with this sculpture of their very famous logo.

The logo is of Nipper the dog listening to a gramophone, Nipper lived from 1884 to 1895 and lived in Bristol in England, he is buried underneath a Lloyds bank in Kingston Upon Thames and there is a plaque to mark the spot.

This Nipper is made from 34 balloons, the gramophone has 18 balloons in it and the rest are in the dog, there are a few hidden balloons inside the sculptures, these are weighted so that the sculptures wont get knocked over so easily.

What would YOU like to see me make from balloons? send me some suggestions and I will pick a few to make in the next few weeks. I have already had lots of suggestions on the MDB facebook page.

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