Oct 28

Freddy Krueger

Freddy KHello everyone

My favourite time of the year has nearly arrived, no its not the  International Orthopaedic nursing day on October 30th, no, its Halloween on the 31st. I love this day because it is my mums birthday and we always decorate the house and celebrate. This morning Nathan asked me if I could make something Halloweeny for HMV in Portsmouth so I came up with this happy looking chap here, I am sure he will look great in the shop and will not scare any of the little kiddies.


I have no idea how many balloons it took to make Freddy but as a guess I estimate about 34 balloons, he stands at just over 5 ft tall. when I finished making him I took him into the kitchen and left him there while I went and got my camera, when I walked back into the kitchen I saw him out of the corner of my eye and he gave me the biggest fright., I have now left him in the hall way to see if I can get him to scare anyone else.





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