Jan 14


01---BullseyeSmHello everyone, Happy new year, I do hope you have had a lovely few weeks. It has been a few weeks since I last posted a balloon photo, I made it to a year of my Twisted Cinema series of balloons and decided to take a break.

Talking of Take a Break I was lucky enough to feature in the 7th January issue of Take a Break magazine here in the UK, how very exciting.

Anyway, I have been wondering what to do next with my balloons, do I continue the Twisted Cinema or start something new? Well I came up with an idea to continue my Twisted Cinema and I need your help.
One thing I always struggle with is what on earth do I make? I spend just as long thinking about what I should make as I do actually making the balloons, so how about I let YOU decide what I make? Each week I will ask everyone for suggestions and I will choose the best suggestion and see if I can have a go at making that. how does that sound?

I have decided to open up the theme to cover a much wider choice of things, so instead if it just being films you could choose a TV character or programme, a book character, maybe something from a musical or stage show, in fact you can choose ANYTHING, including something from the movies if you like.

Today for my first challenge I was talking to a lovely lady called Jan in the West Midlands, I suddenly decided to put her on the spot and choose something for me to make and she chose Bullseye from the Toy Story films, thanks Jan, what an excellent choice and I really enjoyed making him.

My Bullseye is made from a mixture of 160s, 260s 350s and a 646, the body is a 646 if you are wondering.

So now its over to you folks, what would you like to see next time? put your suggestions in the comments below and I will pick one and that will be next weeks sculpture, I already know I will be getting some excellent suggestions.

See you soon everyone


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