Nov 30

30th November – Monkey Hat

Monkey Hat

Monkey Hat

Its my last day of hat week this week and I am finishing off with this cheeky little Monkey to wear on your head. This monkey hat is made from 4 balloons, they are all 260s, I used 2 brown balloons for the body, a white one for the eyes and a green one for the hat part. It was the Amazing Mister Tall who showed this Monkey design to me many years ago so thanks Mister Tall.

Today is the last day of November and with the arrival of December tomorrow I am going to start with the festive balloons, I have already been making plenty of Christmas themed balloons at some of the events I have been working at so I think it is time to start making them for the blog.

You have just over 1 more week to get your entries in for the MDB competition, closing date is on Monday 9th December and winners will be announced a few days later. To enter and for more details you need to be subscribed to the MDB newsletter so sign up now to save missing out –http://www.mydailyballoon.com/sign-up/ – I promise I wont spam you or send you anything I don’t think you would like.


  1. Stacie gonzalez

    How do I see video to make this monkey hat

  2. Carin

    Hi Rob, I simply love this little fellow, Please could you tell me how to make it? Mt daughter;s birthday is coming up and this would be such a cute thing to be able to make for the day! We love all your stuff! You have converted us ordinary folk into balloonteers!

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