Sep 26

26th September – Funny Bird

Funny Bird

Funny Bird

I made this bird as a bit of an experiment, the top half of the beak is made from a balloon I have not used much before, its called a 321 and it is sort of cone shape. Other balloons I used are 160s, a heart (for the eyes), a 350 and a 260.

I think this bird is made from about 6 balloons but it might be 7 ( I cant remember).

I am now on day 269 which means I have less than 100 days to go until the end of the year, when I started this quest I originally planned to go for a year. so the question has been entering my mind recently, what do I do when the year ends? I really don’t think I could carry on making balloons every single day, but I can carry on making balloons, just not so frequently. Do you have any ideas of how I should continue my blog?

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