Aug 22

22nd August – WALL-E

234 - Wall-e


You may have noticed that My Daily Balloon has a new look, I have had 2 friends working hard to get this up and running today so thank you to Clint and Scott for all your help. To help celebrate the new look I decided to do something bigger today, Its Pixar’s WALL-E, I have no idea how many balloons I used to make him but as a rough guess I think no more than 40.

He is mainly made from 260s, the main body is a basket weave, I have known how to do a basket weave for sometime but was never too sure until I saw Robbie Furman do it and now I am happier with how it turns out, the caterpillar tracks are a flat weave, I was debating for a while about how to do those and I think that they have come out really well.

I finished WALL-E off with a bit of a spray with some black spray paint, just to dirty him up a bit, he was far too clean originally and I just wanted to age him slightly, I have never spray painted balloons before and worried that they might have a negative effect on the balloon but it seems to have worked ok.

I do hope you like the new website look, as you can see I have combined all the tutorials and daily balloons onto one website. I have a new tutorial for you to purchase in the tutorials section, its Mr Small and he is available for just £3 (less than $5). I also have a fortnightly newsletter with all the latest updates and information, plus the occasional free tutorial, if you sign up you will receive a free PDF tutorial of a T-rex, just enter your name and email address into the box on the right. I promise not to send you too many emails and I wont go sharing your details with anyone else.




  1. Clint

    Hey bud, glad to help with the new look site. Keep up the good work populating it!

  2. Sonia

    I love it, do you have a tutorial for Wall E available?

  3. Danielle

    I need one 😀

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