Monthly Archive: November 2016

Nov 26

A-Z of Endangered Species – Eastern Lowland Gorilla


The Eastern Lowland Gorilla is the largest of the four subspecies of gorilla, It has large stocky body, large hands and is covered in jet black hair. In this picture we can see a young male gorilla foraging for food, like all gorillas living mainly on a diet of fruit and other herbaceous materials. Found in …

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Nov 18

A-Z of Endangered Species – Desert Tortoise


It is week 4 and that means the letter D for my A-Z of Endangered Species and this week I am featuring my first reptile of the series, it is a Desert Tortoise. This tortoise lives in the southwestern states of the United States and in northern areas of Mexico, it prefers the softer desert …

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Nov 11

A-Z of Endangered Species – Coral


This week I am at the letter C and I decided early on in my A-Z of endangered species that C was going to be one of the most beautiful things on the planet, Coral. Coral reefs can be found all around the world, the most famous being the great barrier reef off the eastern …

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Nov 04

A-Z of Endangered Species – Black-Footed Ferret


This little chap is the Black Footed Ferret, you wouldn’t think of a ferret as being endangered however these cute little ferrets have really suffered in the past. Found only in the northern great plains of north America they rely on prairie dogs and their colonies for food. As early as the 1800s prairie dog …

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