Monthly Archive: June 2014

Jun 12

Viking Warrior

2014-33 - Viking

I recently went to the British Museum in London to see an exhibition all about vikings, it was amazing, I saw part of the largest long boat ever discovered and the famous Lewis chessmen along with lots of other weapons, clothing, jewelry and stonework from the viking age.  When I got home i got the …

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Jun 08

We Have Lift Off


Hey folks, well I have had a busy week as I was preparing for my own birthday party, I wanted to make a few balloons for the little get together I was having all on the theme of travel, the first balloon I came up with was this one, the space shuttle launch. It took …

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Jun 05

Seahorse Table Centre

Here is another of the table centre pieces I made the the Portsmouth Magic Circle Annual Dinner,  This one features a seahorse, a little ray and a starfish at the bottom. I used about 20 balloons to make this sculpture and it stood around a metre tall. After the dinner this seahorse ended up in …

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