Monthly Archive: December 2013

Dec 31

31st December – Toothless the Dragon


Well, here it is, the last day of 2013 and my 365th balloon sculpture, Its Toothless the Dragon from the books and films of ‘How to Train your Dragon’. I have wanted to do this chap for a while and thought he would like to be made on the final day of my year. If …

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Dec 30

30th December – Julia’s Necklace

Julia's Necklace

I have been making this sculpture for a really really long time, I cant even think when I first started making it or who showed it to me, I recently heard someone say it was called Julia’s Necklace so that is what I have called it here. Its been one I have been putting off …

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Dec 29

29th December – Seal Hairband

Seal Hairband

This seal hairband is based on a design I saw on facebook recently, the original was made by Dale Campbell and I believe he based his on a Ken Stillman design. This little seal is made from 5 balloons, 3 x 160s, a 260 and a 350. I have just 2 more sculptures to go before …

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Dec 27

27th December – Monkey in a Tree

Ooo oooo ooooo!!!

Its a fairly simple one today, I can’t believe I have made it to day 360 and I have only JUST made this Monkey, I have probably made this monkey more times than any other balloon I do, it gets made at practically every magic show I do, I make it all over the place, …

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Dec 26

26th December – Boxer


Today is Boxing day and as we all know it is the traditional day for families around the world to take up boxing . . . no not really, its called boxing day because of the Christmas boxes which were given to servants and tradesmen by their employers on this day. It is also St …

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Dec 25

December 25th – Father Christmas

Ho ho ho

Its Christmas day and I would like to wish everyone a really happy Christmas, if you don’t celebrate Christmas then may I wish you a happy holiday instead. It has been one amazing year and I would like to take this opportunity thank you all for following My Daily Balloon. Here is Father Christmas, he …

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Dec 24

24th December – Candy Cane

Candy Cane

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except Rob and his balloons. Its a simple one today as I am working for a lot of the day today, This candy cane is made from 2 x 160 balloons and the hardest bit to do it to make that …

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Dec 23

23rd December – Reindeer Two


I have had such a busy day today that I left today’s balloon until the very last hour of the day but I managed it before the day had ended (phew). Its another reindeer, This one is made from 7 balloons, a mixture of 160s, 260s and 350s, the legs and body are a technique …

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Dec 22

22nd December – Snowflake


Its been busy busy busy here in balloon land and so here is a pretty simple snowflake. It is made from just 3 x 160 balloons. My Daily Balloon managed to get onto the Yahoo News pages recently, check out the story here – I have just  9 more sculptures to go before the year …

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Dec 21

21st December – Gallimimus


Today its Darren’s birthday and I thought long and hard about what to make for him, in the end I decided it was to be a dinosaur, its a Galli . . . . . Galli . . . . . . .Galimimus. The Gallimimus is a dinosaur made famous by the Jurassic Park movie …

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