Monthly Archive: November 2013

Nov 30

30th November – Monkey Hat

Monkey Hat

Its my last day of hat week this week and I am finishing off with this cheeky little Monkey to wear on your head. This monkey hat is made from 4 balloons, they are all 260s, I used 2 brown balloons for the body, a white one for the eyes and a green one for …

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Nov 29

29th November – Cap


Its another hat in my series of hats this week, this one is really easy to make, its just 2 balloons, both 260s, Its quite a cool design because you can add things to it and build on the design. Have you entered the MDB competition yet? The prize is my current 10 PDF tutorials …

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Nov 28

28th November – Spiral Propeller Hat

Spiral Propeller Hat

Here is another hat during my week of balloon hats, This one is made from 4 balloons, all of them are 260 sized balloons, its pretty easy to make, the hardest bit is getting that tight spiral to hold. This is the type of crazy hat I make when I am in a silly mood …

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Nov 27

27th November – Stripey Hat


It is hat week here on the MDB blog and today I have made a hat using the basket weave technique. It uses 5 x 260 balloons and its not too difficult, I think it would be perfect to wear on a building site to prevent injuries from falling bricks and scaffolding . . . …

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Nov 26

26th November – Plait Hat

331 - Plait Hat

Its hat week on My Daily Balloon this week and here is one I have been making for years, its very easy as it is just a plait made into a circle which fits nicely onto the head. All you need is 3 x 260 balloons for this and a very minimal amount of twisting, …

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Nov 25

25th November – Walrus Hat

Walrus Hat

I have decided that this week is hat week on My Daily Balloon, a whole 5 days of hats, how exciting is that? To start with is this Walrus hat, I saw a similar design somewhere online sometime ago and then lost it so made this from memory. This hat is made from 5 balloons, …

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Nov 24

24th November – Raccoon

I made this raccoon after seeing a youtube video by Changsunny, she has some rather cool videos on there if you want to make some new balloon sculptures. This Raccoon is made from 6 or 7 balloons, I cant remember exactly how many I used, I lost count and cant remember if I used 1 …

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Nov 23

23rd November – Tardis


50 years ago today, the first episode of Doctor Who aired in the UK, to celebrate I have made this Tardis (or as my mum called it, a Doctor Box). This Tardis is made from 22 balloons I think, mainly blue 260s but there is a 160 in there and an 11″ round balloon in …

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Nov 22

22nd November – The Fifth Doctor

Peter Davidson

Here is one more Doctor who during the week of the 50th anniversary of the first Doctor who episode, this Doctor is the one played by Peter Davidson, in his Cricket gear with his cricket bat over his shoulder, the one thing I forgot to do was give him a piece of celery, oh well, …

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Nov 21

21st November – The Fourth Doctor

Its time for another Doctor to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, This is my favourite doctor as its the one I grew up with, its Tom Baker as the fourth Doctor. Here he is with his distinctive scarf, curly hair, his hat and yes, that is a jelly baby he is holding. This …

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