Monthly Archive: September 2013

Sep 30

30th September – Simple Owl

Simple Owl

This Owl is made from 1 balloon (not counting the branch), with around 12 twists and a couple of pinch twists. its fairly easy to make and does not take long. Well its the last day of September, I have 3 months to go until the end of the year, can I make it? we will have …

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Sep 29

29th September – Snipe

After making the Redshank a few weeks ago I have been playing around with the design a bit more and came up with this similar design for a Snipe, if your wondering what a Snipe looks like, they have mocha and chocolate brown feathers on their head and back, an Ivory chest, blush legs and …

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Sep 28

28th September – Viking Hat

Viking Hat

This viking hat design was one of the first designs I ever learnt all those years ago, its very simple, really quick and and only used 2 balloons. Have you seen the facebook page yet? you can keep up to date with all the MDB news by clicking

Sep 27

27th September – Head Spark

Head Spark

I was not sure what to call this one, its not really a spark, but it does look like something that would produce a spark. I have to thanks Graham for telling me how to get such amazing silver balloons, the plain silver just does not look silver enough but these look amazing now so …

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Sep 26

26th September – Funny Bird

Funny Bird

I made this bird as a bit of an experiment, the top half of the beak is made from a balloon I have not used much before, its called a 321 and it is sort of cone shape. Other balloons I used are 160s, a heart (for the eyes), a 350 and a 260. I …

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Sep 25

25th September – Happy Shark

This Shark looks really happy, I think he has just seen his lunch (its that small noisy child who will not leave me alone). I really like the look of this shark, I think the teeth work really well. Sharky is made from just 3 balloons, a blue 260, a white 260 (for the belly/lower …

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Sep 24

24th September – Butterfly Hairband

Time for another hairband, this is also a different butterfly to the ones I have made before. I quite like the look of this butterfly, he looks a bit goofy. The Butterfly is made from 3 balloons, all 260s, then I used an extra clear 260 and a yellow 160 for the base. I am currently …

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Sep 23

23rd September – Flower

I am off to Kew gardens near London today so I thought I would do something a bit botanical, I wonder what the Latin name for this would be? balloonium inflaticatum? Its made from 4 balloons (or 3 and a scrap in my case), I started with a 260 for the main part of the …

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Sep 22

22nd September – Little Tortoise

I love this cute little tortoise, its one of those sculptures that gets an ahhhh from anyone watching you make it. This tortoise is made from 3 balloons (actually 2 and a bit of scrap)  the shell is a brown 260, the legs and head are a green 260 and the eyes are a bit …

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Sep 21

21st September – Chameleon

Here is a Chameleon, I have been lucky this week to visit not one but two zoos and in both of them I saw Chameleons. Just a quick post today as I am working all weekend and I don’t have much time. Thanks for reading 😀

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