Monthly Archive: July 2013

Jul 31

31st July – Jet Plane

I am away for a few days in Wales and I saw one of these fly over head yesterday, it’s a jet plane, made from 2 x 260s for the plane and another clear balloon for the base and cockpit.

Jul 30

30th July – Mini Monkey

Awwww its a cute little monkey, his body and head sit at just 5 inches tall but his tail makes him around 10 inches tall, I love little sculptures like this, they make people go, “ahhhhhhhhhhhhh”Mini Monkey is made from 2 x 160 balloons, he is very quick to make and the kids love him/her …

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Jul 29

29th July – Mouse Ears

I made bunny ears the other day which inspired me to have a go at making mouse ears, I ended up making a few of these at a party recently and they are really popular. These ears are made from 4 balloons, they are 2 round 5″ balloons and 2 x 260 balloons, they are …

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Jul 28

28th July – Tweetie Pie

“I tawt I taw a putty tat” – Here is Tweetie Pie, the rival of Sylvester the Cat, this sculpture is from a youtube video by Cody Williams and you can find that here – Pie is made from 4 x 260 balloons and I think he looks really cute so thanks for sharing the …

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Jul 27

27th July – Bunny Ears

Here are some bunny ears on a hairband, easy to make and it only uses 2 balloons, they are a grey 260 and a white 160, it is simple to make and looks really cute. This is the first photo with my new camera as well, I was having so many problems with my last …

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Jul 26

26th July – Crown

After making a royal baby with a crown earlier this week I was inspired to make a bigger wearable crown, It is made from 8 balloons,  I actually made the 6 little round jewel bubbles first out of a 260 and put them to one side, next I inflated 6 gold 260 balloons and weaved …

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Jul 25

25th July – Thomas the Tank Engine

Its Philip’s birthday today, he is my nephew and earlier in the year he requested a Thomas the Tank Engine, I did make a more simple Thomas back on March 20th but I wanted to do a more complicated one today. I hope you have a very happy birthday Phil.This Thomas is made from 13 balloons, …

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Jul 24

24th July – Mr Tall

There is a Birthday to celebrate today, its the birthday of Sean Lobban (aka The Amazing Mister Tall). Sean is a balloon modeller and I have ballooned with him on many occasions. To help celebrate Sean’s birthday I have made Mr Tall from the Mr Men books, Happy Birthday Sean. Mr Tall here is made …

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Jul 23

23rd July – Baby Prince

After the arrival of a new royal baby yesterday I felt I needed to mark the occasion with this, the first official photograph of the new royal baby, may I introduce our future king, King Kevin the first.Weighing in at just 4 ounces (most of the weight is sand in the base balloon) he is …

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Jul 22

22nd July – Tulip Twist on a Straw

I saw someone do this the other day and I just had to have a go, it is a tulip (or apple) twist with a straw going right through the middle, I had no idea how this was done when I first saw it but I kind of figured it out and I am pleased …

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