Monthly Archive: May 2013

May 31

31st May – Vase of Flowers

My Nan is arriving tomorrow and staying for the week so to brighten up the spare room I made her some flowers in a vase, it is a vase of 8 flowers and the whole thing is made from 17 balloons. The vase is made from 4 x 260s and I put a round balloon into …

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May 30

30th May – Giraffe

Its my 150th day today, woohoo, 150 different balloons and still going. To celebrate I have made a giraffe, this design is from a balloon modeller in Hong Kong, I only know him by the name Indiespapa, thanks for this design. The Giraffe is made from 4 balloons, there is a yellow 260, a white …

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May 29

29th May – Swan

I have had a really busy day today making balloons at a local tourist attraction so tonight I have made a really simple balloon, it is a swan, made from just the 1 yellow 260 balloon, this is one of the first models I learnt many years ago.

May 28

28th May – Stegosaurus

This Stegosaurus is made from just 2 green 260 sized balloons, I used 1 for the head, legs and main body, the other one I used for the back plates and the tail. Rob can make sculptures for any event in the UK, birthdays, anniversaries, get well soon, baby showers, window displays, corporate events and …

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May 27

27th May – Helicopter

This Helicopter is made from 8 balloons, I started with the framework of the main body with some blue 260s and then added in the round white balloon for the windows (a transparent balloon would have been cool here but I don’t have any). The next step was to add the tail and tail rotor, …

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May 26

26th May – Seagull

This Seagull was shown to me by Tony last week and I really liked him, I added an extra balloon to give the body a bit more shape and a bit of a different tail too, thanks Tony.He is made from 4 balloons (5 is you count the brown post he is standing on), a …

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May 25

25th May – Platypus

Here is a Platypus, I am not totally sure if I like my design for this one but I guess he is ok, I will have another go later in the year with another design idea I have. There are 14 balloons used in this platypus, mostly 260s but with a 160 thrown in here, …

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May 23

23rd May – Monkey

I cant believe I have nearly made it to June and this is my first Monkey, I made a gorilla a few weeks ago but this is my first Monkey, he is based on a monkey made by Dylan Gelinas so thanks for that Dylan, your designs are just so awesome, I just had to …

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May 22

22nd May – Mr Tickle

Here is one for the kids (of all ages), its Mr Tickle, I used to love the Mr Men so I had to do some of the Mr Men characters at some point in my blog,  Mr Tickle is made from 6 balloons, I started with an 11 inch orange round balloon and created 4 …

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May 21

21st May – Scooby-Doo

This Scooby-Doo is made from 12 balloons, it is totally my own design and I have spent the last day or 2 thinking about it and working it out and this is the result. The shopping list for this sculpture is2 x Mocha 160, 1 x Blush 160, 1 x Pale blue 160, 1 x …

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