Monthly Archive: April 2013

Apr 30

30th April – Revolver

For some unknown reason, my mate Clint seems to think I am obsessed with guns, I can’t think what gave him that idea, never mind, anyway, onto today’s balloon, a gun. This gun was taught to me by Graham back in March, Its not something I would ever make at a kids party as I …

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Apr 29

29th April – Ship at Sea

I have to thank Sean (Mister Tall) for pointing me in the direction of this lovely little sculpture, Its so cool and I can’t wait to make one at a party. It is made from 7 balloons, 3 x 260s make up the sea, 2 x 260s make up the main part of the ship …

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Apr 28

28th April – Heart Wand

Yesterday I made a shark for the boys, today its something for the girls, yes its a heart on a stick, made from 3 balloons, 2 pink 260s and a heart balloon (no surprise there then). Its the perfect thing to make for any little princess, she will be delighted with it and lovingly accept …

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Apr 27

27th April – Simple Shark

Alysia recently asked me if I do a simple shark, Here is my one balloon shark and this is what I make when I get asked to make a shark. He is made from just 1 balloon and has about 11 twists, I always draw the teeth on as its the teeth that really make …

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Apr 26

26th April – Chicken

My niece is 14 years old today, her name is Hester and she is my oldest niece, earlier in the year she requested that I make a black chicken, she has her own real live black chicken called Blackie so here is her balloon Blackie the Chicken. This Chicken is made from 10 balloons, It …

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Apr 25

25th April – Frog

Here is my first frog of the year, I don’t expect you will see to many frogs from me, it maybe because I am too fussy but I have seen a lot of frogs made from balloons but I rarely think they look like frogs, I think this is one of the best I have …

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Apr 24

24th April – Caterpillar

What a cute and happy little fellow this caterpillar is, he likes nothing more than to roam around the plants in my garden and scare the neighbours. He is made from 5 balloons, all of them are 260s, he has one balloon to make the inner core and head, another 2 to make the outer …

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Apr 23

23rd April – Rhino

I love this little Rhino, Graham showed me how to make it back in March and I just love how he looks, he is made from just 2 balloons, although the white balloon is just an old scrap I found so I guess its only 1 and a bit balloons.

Apr 22

22nd April – Double Flower

This flower is made from 4 balloons, it consists of 2 flower weaves, the first small flower weave is a 160 balloons, the bigger weave is made from 2 x 260s, the stem is a green 260, it was a bit of an experiment to see what it would look like but I am pleased …

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Apr 21

21st April – Ducky

This duck is made from just 5 balloons and is pretty quick to make, its made from 3 yellow 260 balloons, 1 orange 260 and a little bit of white 260. I started with the head, neck and beak then I added on the eyes, next I made the body and finally added on the …

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