Monthly Archive: March 2013

Mar 31

31st March – Goat

Its Florrie’s birthday today, she recently requested that I make her a guinea pig or a goat, I made a guinea pig the other day so today I have made a goat. This Goat is made from 5 balloons, there are 2 x brown 260s, 1 x grey 160, 1 tiny bit of black and …

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Mar 30

30th March – Patches the Bunny

I promised another Easter Bunny so here he is, this is Patches the Bunny with his basket of Easter eggs. I am not going to say too much about how I made Patches the Bunny because he was designed by Dylan Gelinas from Slightly Twisted Balloons, you can purchase the instructions to make him from the …

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Mar 29

29th March – Lamb

Its the Easter weekend and usually this means its lambing time, so I made a little lamp and set him free to bounce around my garden. He is made from 4 balloons, 2 black 260s, 1 white 260 and a little tiny bit of a 160 for the eyes. I started by making 4 ear …

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Mar 28

28th March – Bunny Two

I last made a bunny on January 8th (link) and as its Easter I thought it was a perfect opportunity to make another one, This bunny is similar to one I have made for a few years but I recently attended a balloon day in Somerset where I learnt some variations and additions to make it …

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Mar 27

27th March – Guinea Pig

Its Florrie’s birthday on Sunday, she recently made a request for a balloon and gave me a choice of 2 things to make, I am saving 1 of the requests for her actual birthday but I thought I would have a go at the other one as well, a guinea pig. Now the problem with …

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Mar 26

26th March – Tiki Tiki Bird

A couple of weeks ago Graham posted a photo onto the balloon chat forum of a balloon model made by someone who attended Twist and Shout, the annual Balloon twister Convention in the USA, I loved the model so much I just had to have a go at making him. I have no idea who made the …

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Mar 25

25th March – Little Elephant

Time for another model made out of a single 260 balloon, this elephant starts with an elongated tulip/apple twist for the trunk, and then you twist a further 8 bubbles and you have your elephant.

Mar 24

24th March – Daffodil

It seems Spring is struggling to fully arrive so I thought I would try and help out, This is a quick and simple daffodil made from 3 balloons, First I made the petals from a 160, then I added the middle bit (I think its called a corona?), finally I added a stem (which you …

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Mar 23

23rd March – Snow White

A couple of weeks ago I had a request from Ava to make Snow White, today Ava is being a bridesmaid so thought this would be the perfect opportunity. It has taken me a few weeks to work out a design I actually like with this Snow White, I am still not sure about her …

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Mar 22

22nd March – T-Rex

Its time for another model made from just the 1 x 260 sized balloon, Its a T-Rex and he takes just a minute or so to make with just 11 twists.

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