Monthly Archive: February 2013

Feb 28

28th February – Calvin and Hobbes

It is the last day of the month and that means I have done a bigger balloon model, recently I found out that both Ron and I like the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes, it follows the antics of Calvin, an adventurous 6 year old boy and his stuffed pet tiger Hobbes. I wanted to …

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Feb 27

27th February – Top Hat and Bow Tie

Its 2 balloon models for the price of one today, a top hat and a bow tie, the hat is made of 13 x 260 balloons  (12 black and 1 white). The bow tie is made from 2 x 260s, It would make an excellent Mad Hatters hat I think with the addition of a …

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Feb 26

26th February – Shark

This Shark is made of 3 balloons, first there is a grey 260 for the lips and part of the body, then another grey 260 for the fins and tail, finally I added in the teeth and eyes with a white 260. Its not the normal shark I would make when requested as its a …

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Feb 25

25th February – Little Bear

I am home from the worlds largest magic convention in Blackpool with 3800 balloons purchased from various places. I made this little bear after seeing Graham make some other little bears on the balloon chat forum. He is made from 3 balloons, all 260s.

Feb 24

24th February – Squirrel

I was asked to make a squirrel by Nikki and Martin today so what do you think of this little chap? he is made from 6 balloons, I started with a blush coloured 260 for his cheeks, then added the nose, next came the head, legs and body, followed by arms. Finally I added the …

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Feb 23

23rd February – Crab

Its day 2 of the worlds largest magic convention in Blackpool and I thought I would make something with my new balloons to do with the seaside. Mr Crab is made from 3 x 260 balloons and he took me about 2 minutes to make. 

Feb 22

Sneak Preview

Hey everyone, here is a sneak preview of tomorrows balloon, and the next days too, oh and the next day. . . and the next.

Feb 22

22nd February – Zebra

Its day one of the worlds largest magic convention in Blackpool and I have not purchased any balloons yet so here is one I made at home, this zebra is made of 2 balloons, 1 white 260 and 1 black 160, then I go mad with a sharpie pen. this is always one of those …

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Feb 21

21st February – Retro Space Gun

This reminds me of the type of space gun that comic hero spaceman Spiff would use (Calvin’s alter ego in Calvin and Hobbes), it is made of 3 balloons, a red 260, a yellow 160 and a blue 160. I am off up to Blackpool today to visit the worlds largest magic convention where I …

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Feb 20

February 20th – Owl 2

I made a small owl a few weeks ago (Jan 11th) and decided to make a different bigger owl, this one reminds me of the one in the Disney Film Sword in the Stone, I think his name was Archimedes. This one is made from 5 balloons, 3 brown 260s, an orange 260 and a …

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