Monthly Archive: January 2013

Jan 31

31st January – Little Horse

Nat suggested to me that the last day of each month should be saved for a big balloon model, This Horse really is this big, I promise its not been photo-shopped, Its made up of balloons sized 646 (6 inches x 46 inches). There are 7 balloons in this model, 4 in the body, then 2 …

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Jan 30

30th January – Elephants

John requested Elephants the other day but I think my friend Julie will like these too, the large elephant is made of 5 balloons, a 260 for the trunk, 3 x 350s for the body, head and ears, plus a white 260 for the eyes. as for the little jumbo its just 4 balloons, its …

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Jan 29

29th January – Chainsaw

I was inspired to do this the other week when I heard a radio advert for the upcoming Texas Chainsaw Massacre film (it will be a favourite for all the kids).Its made from 7 balloon, 2 grey 160s make up the chain, a black 350 makes up the chain guide bar, 2 orange 260s make …

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Jan 28

28th January – Apple

I have mentioned the Apple twist in a few of my posts so far and I can hear the cry of a thousand viewers saying “Hey Rob, Why is it called an apple twist?” . . . . . . . . . .  oh, I didn’t hear anything, never mind, I will show you …

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Jan 27

27th January – Blue Whale

This is a blue whale, you can tell he is a blue whale because he is errr . . .  blue and he is a whale, also the person holding him has the worlds largest hands (not really, its me silly). Bluey here (thats his name, Bluey) is made from 4 balloons (actually 2 and …

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Jan 26

26th January – Triceratops

Its Dinotime again, this time a Triceratops, this one if made up of about 5 balloons (I cant remember but its around 5).

Jan 25

25th January – Tortoise

This Tortoise is made of 1 balloon, with the addition of an apple twist for his face you can get a nice mouth.

Jan 24

24th January – Armadillo

Here is an Armadillo, I love Armadillos, I saw some in America once, they can hold their breath for 6 minutes and can jump really high. This one is made from 3 Balloons, there are  2 x 260s and 1x 160 (for the tail, ears and a few of the bands)

Jan 23

23rd January – Tulips

You can make these simple tulips from any sized modelling balloons, these ones are 160s, its a simple apple twist (or is it a tulip twist?, I never know)

Jan 22

22nd January – Koala

Koalas are cute, that is all I need to say about koalas, this one is made of just one 260 balloon.

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